Want to launch your business with a profitable plan?

With the Jump Smart: Business Plan™ course there’s no need to fear failure. You will learn how to create a solid plan to build a profitable business in a weekend.

Business Plan Course

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What if there was a way to make sure your business is profitable before you launch??

That’s exactly why I created the Jump Smart: Business Plan™. I want to help you create a plan to launch AND walk you though the numbers so you don’t have to worry about not making enough money when you launch your daydream.

If you want to create a sustainable business plan in a weekend. Enroll Today!

Your Business Plan Course Includes:

Business Plan


A PDF Business Plan template that’s fillable and printable.
Business Plan 2

Video Lessons

5 video lessons to walk you through each component of the plan
Business Plan Course


2 Bonus Calculators to make sure your business launch is profitable

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Business Plan Course



Ready to Jump Smart to your Daydream?

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Meet your instructor

Hi! I’m Stephanie Cuningkin and I am CPA who is passionate about business owners.

I ran a CPA firm working with businesses of all sizes and income levels helping with taxes, accounting and business strategies for over a decade. 

I’ve seen some business owners make tons of money while other ones barely made enough to live. 

Seeing business owners struggled burden my heart so I created this product to teach you the best way to plan to be profitable before you launch your business. 

My goal is to teach you what you need to be before you launch so you can confidently start your business knowing you will be successful and make a profit.

Your Business Plan Course includes:

PDF Business template with Video lessons to walk you through each component of the plan. You will learn:

Core Decisions

Business Name and Location

Web Address

Mission Statement

Core Values, Strengths & Uniqueness

Brand Promise

Ideal Customer

Services Offered

Legal Considerations

Business Structure

Licenses and Industry-Specific Regulations



Trademarks & Copyrights

Money Moves

Start-up Expenses

Recurring Expenses

Pricing Your Services

Tax Obligations

Payment Processing



Bonus Calculators
You’ll get a hands-on detail walkthrough of 2 Bonus Calculator Worksheets to make sure your business is profitable from the start

Break-Even Analysis Calculator – This shows you how much money you need to make to cover your start-up costs and how many services/products you need to sell to do it.

Monthly Profit Calculator– This shows you how much money will you earn after your expenses are paid in a month

I’ll walk you through you each step of the business plan. Stop putting it off and let’s get it done this weekend!

Some questions you may have for me

After you click ENROLL TODAY, you will be directed to the purchase page where you will enter your contact information and your best email address where you want to access your course.

After you purchase, you will set up your password to access the course. You will see a welcome video and the link to download your Business Plan PDF. From there you will watch the lessons and fill in your Business Plan.

After you complete the Business Plan, you will click the links to make a copy of the Bonus Calculators in Google Sheets. You will watch the lesson where I take you step by step through an example company.

Once you see how the calculators work, you will plug in your own numbers to see the products, services and pricing you need to have based on your expenses to make sure you business is profitable from the start.

This helps you walk through all the necessary steps to plan for your business. You go through the Core Decisions, look at the Legal Considerations and all the Money Considerations you need to start your business. Then you get to input your real information in the Bonus Calculators to make sure your business will be profitable before you even start!

You have access to the course up to 1 year after purchase. 

Yes, The Business Plan template is a fillable PDF document.
Yes. The Business Plan template is PDF you can download and print.
You will access the Bonus Calculators by using Google Sheets.
Yes, you won’t be doing any complicated math. You will input numbers in the mint green cells and the Bonus Calculator will do the math for you!
Business Coach Stephanie Cuningkin CPA

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Due to the digital nature of the product, there will be no refunds after purchase. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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Business Plan Course